Your response to COVID-19 crisis?

Hey ya’ll, just wondering what things you guys are doing to cope with this COVID-19 crisis? Here in Michigan, we have had school closures until April, so we have worked with our staff to help them with daycare. Not sure what’s going to happen next. . .

Just wondering what you are doing?

Just an update:

We decided to continue field operations for now. We are implementing these changes:

  1. We will wear gloves and safety glasses when inside homes and maintain a distance of 6 ft.
  2. All physical contact with customers (such as handshakes) is banned
  3. We will call ahead let customers know of our extra precautions so they aren’t offended

We also came up with a list of non-customer-interaction work that we can begin working on with our field technicians, in case we have to suspend customer interaction altogether.

We so far have decided not to sign the FCC’s pledge, simply because we do not want customers to think they can just skip on their bill if we make that public. We wait at least 45 days to shut off connections right now, anyways, and we will be more lenient during these times for customers who are struggling, just not going to make that public yet. This is all subject to change, obviously.

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