Who are you using for Portal Customization?


Just wondering if anyone has a recommendation on a web programming contractor who can perform additions/customizations to the portal.

We are wanting to add a couple of custom pages, as well as make API calls to another one of our systems from within the portal.

Any feedback would be appreciated.


Michael at www.solutions4ebiz.com


SBRConsulting does that as well. We are familiar with the portal and the API


I’d like to know this as well but any that are in Canada? Government tax credits and funding requires we use developers that are in Canada, or at least bill in CAD and have a HST number, as we’ve been looking for a good portal developer as well.


Yes, I always forget to mention you Scott - I’m sorry!


I have never heard of this, what grant programs require programming to be done in Canada? Does your equipment have to be built in Canada too?


SR&D program requires it. Our accountant specializes in this program which we have been doing for the past year and meeting with the CRA for regular audits on our progress and in order to get funding towards development the developer either needs to have a Canadian business registration and HST number where we can claim half of the expense, or they need to be a contractor on payroll to claim 100% of the development costs.