When is Sonar V2 coming online for everyone?

I have a whole list of items that are broken/need improvement.

Probably my top complaints I get from employees are:

  • No notifications - at all, no ticket notifications, job/task assigned, nothing. I’m sure maybe we could figure out our own notifications using the webhooks, but I haven’t figured out how to do that yet

  • Adding photos to either an account of job is twice as much work as V1, and doesn’t work nearly as well

  • New reporting system is awful and you can’t actually get the data you want out of it

  • No way to backup/export our data

Did this site ever happen? Would be nice to get any idea of progress being made toward the future.

It’s been up for a while. We’re moving people onto v2 all the time, you can move whenever you’re ready if you reach out to support.

I think you misunderstood (or I did)
I interpreted your statement to mean a site/web location that we (as v1 users) can go to to see what’s currently supported in v2, what’s not and where progress is on development of the existing feature-sets.

Seems like a huge waste of time to hit up support every couple months to play email or telephone tag. Just to get the same answers about many of the features that still aren’t working. A great example would be ticket system notification functionality, financial reporting systems, or payment provider integrations etc.

You don’t need to do any of that. Just let them know you’re looking to move, they’ll work with you to figure out what the outstanding needs are (if any) and then let you know when they’re deployed.