When is Sonar V2 coming online for everyone?

Does anyone know when customers can get switched over to V2? I have made several requests to be on the list to be changed over, but have not heard back in quite a while.

We are trying to launch some API integrations with Slack, Asana, and want to build it out on V2 instead of wasting time with V1 if it is going to be depreciated.

At a guess once they have all the core features of V1 available in V2, however we never seem to get a timeline of this…

We are in the same position as you! Waiting…

Same boat here, I will admit that it is worrying us when, last they told us, they still don’t have core features ready like sending paper bills or taxing. We got the impression that they wanted to move everyone they can before working on those features.

We’re moving people now, just reach out to support and let them know you’re ready. The only obstacle at this point is time/resources for us to get people moved, and there are still a few features that aren’t available in v2 yet, but we already have ~40 people live.

So that we know if we ‘are ready’ we need to know what features are or are not available in V2 yet please?

It’s changing rapidly… hit up support and start a conversation and they’ll assign someone to help.


I think posting up a “What is now available” would be a much better approach than just constantly asking support.


Agreed, and I wouldn’t waste your time asking support. I did this last week only to get the same response as 6 months earlier. “Working on it, we will let you know”


Nice to know I’m not alone

We’ll have a new site up soonish with some more detail. If you let support know what you’re using though, they will get you on the list to be moved. We’re up to almost 100 live instances now, there just isn’t another process in place yet other than manual intervention.

Looking for an update here… Almost another 3 months since last update.

Are we going to be transitioned over to V2 ever?

Hey Brandon,

Same situation as before, if you reach out we can get you into the migration process. We’ve moved almost 100 people so far, but we’re prioritizing it based on request. Have you spoken to support about it?

Simon, we were “on the list” at Wispalooza last year. This is honestly getting fairly crazy. Please inform the actual status of the project V2, because I am fairly certain adding GoCardless doesn’t take a dev team any longer than a few hours, not a year.



Sorry, had to.

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I ask all the time and it never seems to be answered. On a list is all we ever get.

That or “oh you use that feature, well we haven’t written it yet”, example would be paper bills that a lot of our customers rely on or taxing with Avalara since we have so many different taxing districts.

All I know is that when we do get moved onto V2 it better be AMAZING, as it has been in the works for many many years.

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Ya I heard that excuse as well, because of use the alerting. Well one thing you need to know is if equipment is down, even better if it told you exactly what flapped or went down.

If you are ok on V1, stay there as long as possible. We are on V2 and my employees hate me :slight_smile:

Oh? Is there a specific issue(s) that breeds hatred in employees? :crazy_face: