When are delinquency notices sent?


We have had our first customer go delinquent since our migration to Sonar and they received a warning triggered email a couple days ago (that I set up). Their access has been cut off using address lists.

However, looking at the sent email reports, I don’t see that a delinquency notice went out, even though it’s there with the other default emails.

When should those emails go out?


They should go out at 9am, the same time an account is moved to a delinquent state.


Hmm we had an account get moved to delinquent in the wee hours of the morning and the customer ( who works the night shift ) called suppport at 3am and has not yet received a notice of delinquency (not yet 9am).


On Jan 1st I also had it sent out at 12:15am instead of 9am. I contacted Sonar and they did state that a fix for this is coming. I can’t say if it is for everyone or just my instance but I did make them aware of the bug.

It should always be 9am according to one of the updates that was released awhile back.