"What's new at Sonar" vs "V2"

For the time-being, I’m a bit confused about the “What’s new at Sonar” progress. We are still on V1 and are unable to switch to V2 until all of our existing features are supported.

Would it be possible to prioritize feature parity with V1 over new features in V2?

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I was really happy with the fact that they got rid of the DHCP batcher. We never moved to it anyway - there was no advantage vs. the API endpoint for us.

Otherwise, I agree, I would like to see feature parity so we could move sooner rather than later. We are deploying a new VoIP solution and it will have to integrate with Sonar. We will have to rewrite the V2 integration later, based on how things are right now.

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I am so excited the DHCP system has been updated, I have been requesting and hoping for such a change for a long time. I look forward to testing the ways it has been improved… once we are able to use V2.

Also getting frustrated with these new feature emails, as we have been waiting well over 18 months to get onto V2.

With progress on solutions like UCRM (UISP) for free, I honestly wonder what we are gaining paying thousands for this current V1 software.

I really hope Sonar gets its act together and focuses on having this fully on par with V1 before the new year or our company will likely be switching to something else.

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Feature parity is driving the vast majority of the development on v2. There really hasn’t been a lot added that isn’t feature parity. Things like the DHCP batcher improvement are just incremental changes that don’t take up a lot of effort, and help both our customers and our servers a lot!

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