What software do you use for one-time billing, expense records, and other misc accounting?

What software packages do others here use to create a complete business accounting tool with Sonar?

Is there any software that integrates with Sonar for customer details and records so one-time projects might be handled by a typical piece of accounting software while Sonar handles all of the automatic billing and ISP type management?

I also have a couple small recurring customers (i.e., annual billing for hosting) that can’t really bear the cost of a Sonar account. I’d be interested in something that handles some recurring billing for such purposes.

We use Quickbooks online. We don’t put one time customers for the most part in Sonar, we put them in Quickbooks only. If we do put them in Sonar, then we cancel them immediately, so we don’t pay for an active customer that we aren’t getting monthly fees for.

@simon - May I suggest a change in 2.0? Only charge fees based on the monthly recurring amount.


@JIm_Bouse not sure what you mean by this. Can you elaborate?

@Martha_Huizenga - I am suggesting that Sonar only bill us the for the accounts that are setup for recurring profiles. That would allow for us to enter one-time customers and not have to pay a monthly fee.

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Ooooh! Good idea!

@JIm_Bouse I think it does that now. You just have to deactivate the account. You can still add charges and send invoices.

Yes, this is the case. We have plenty of accounts who are non-recurring so their status can be any form of inactive you want. Sonar bills based on number of Active accounts for the recurring billing to function. But if you just need to sell the customer something non-recurring, just add in the info, complete the job and create an invoice to email to the customer.

I also created an inactive status of Zombie which is for comp accounts - customers receiving service but no recurring payment. They have the service listed with a corresponding credit back to $0.

For a long term we are been using WHMCS as our billing portal and soon we are planning to migrate towards Cloud Based QuickBooks which is more safe and robust.

Adrian Gates

I have a couple customers that are just domain registration or registration and hosting. I haven’t moved them into Sonar because you would just lose money after paying the monthly Sonar fee. I wonder if there can be an alternative account method to facilitate limited function / low budget accounts.

For example, an account that is billed annually less than $180, might be billed by Sonar $0.50 annually. It would forfeit any pulse or voip features. Then, I could move my domain and light web-hosting accounts over.