What are your favorite Sonar reports?

What are your favorite Sonar reports for business productivity? We’re looking for new metrics to track our growth and to help identify where we can get better.

What reports in Sonar have helped you gain insight into your business?

I mainly track scheduled jobs, tasks, unclaimed tickets, and the amount of active subscribers per service. Here’s how I do each one:

Job Completions
I requested a report from Sonar that shows all jobs, who they are assigned to, when they are scheduled, whether or not they were completed, and so on. I then dump this report and clean the data to only show unique Job IDs (very critical, otherwise you will see 2 or 3 rows for the same job) and then I filter as needed. This allows me to see how many installs we completed within a given period, and so on.

I requested a report that shows all tasks, who they are assigned to, when they are due, and when they are completed. I can check who has past due tasks this way. I dump to CSV and filter as needed. Excel works a bit better than LibreOffice for this one.

Unclaimed Tickets
Pretty easy. You can check this right in the Ticket interface.

Active Subscribers for Service
I use the Service Distribution report for this. This report is best for showing you how many people are subscribers to a given Service at the current time. If you want to look at the past, you will need to look at a different report.

Feel free to let me know if you have any questions!

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omg thank you Dominic!!! Love it.