What accounting software should I use with Sonar?

I know people talk about Quickbooks on here alot, and that is currently what we are running. I am hitting roadblock after roadblock with my office manager over pushing the processing of credit cards to Sonar vs Intuit/QB. Noone wants to do double entry and I want to use features that would depend on Sonar processing cards. No way to use an API due to complexity, or atleast not feasible for my company at this time. Does anyone have a suggestion for an accounting software that will work with Sonar that would be something we could potentially move to?

Any accountant or bookkeeper would know that there’s no double entry. There is a single entry in QB for the deposit. If they are telling you there’s double entry required, they are certainly making life harder. Or just want more billable hours.

The transaction details are in the billing system. The summary is in the accounting system.

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