VOIP Integrations

What are your plans for VOIP integrations?

Still digging into it - who would you like to see integrated?

Integration with IPiFony

How about integrate with Elastix MT to enable WISPs to sell residential phone, business phone, and hosted PBX.

@Daniel_Moore - Ipifony will definitely be tied in, I can guarantee that.

Keefe, we could… just tougher once you start getting into the individual products like that, as everyone then wants everything integrated :smile: I’m sure we’ll end up doing some, I am just not sure where we’d start.

What about an integration with NetSapiens?

Yeah, I’d like to do that too. It’s a little tougher as they have a lot of different options, but I think Ipifony and NetSapiens will be our first ports of call.

1-Voip I spent some time with them at Wispapalooza, seems like they have good stuff too!

Hey Daniel - hit me off thread if you want - but how is your experience with IPiFony? I’m considering it but their up front costs for their server was way too much to get started.

Standard Asterisk Server Distros could all be handled through the Asterisk API.


We are on a Broadsoft solution here.

Is it a similar way of doing it where they handle the server and you just pay the per month per customer fee?

If someone is looking to integrate to Elastix MT, I will recommend to stay away for production environments.
Elastix MT doesn’t work and the real production looks a bit stuck behind in time.
Here are the last updates so far from Elastix
asterisk Jan 2016
kamailio Dec 2014
elastix Dec 2014
elastix-framework July 2015
elastix-pbx July 2015
There is a problem with elastix, extensions and trunks where they dont work. There is some crazy work around to get it working using one NIC for extensions and separated NIC for Trunks, then the extensions will work if you are lucky.

How about integration with Vodia Networks? www.vodia.com


When do you expect an IPiFony integration to be completed?

I don’t have a specific timeline yet, but I’m working with IPiFony directly on it.

I’m looking into it right now at the moment as well. We are looking at a few options and our current provider also has its own reseller portal we could use. Just not sure if Sonar is ready for this yet or not. I don’t see any way of importing CDR’s. Just rate cards etc.

CDRs are done via the API. Something has to scrub them into a standard format currently.

Ok that explains that. Thanks! I only went through your video tutorials and didn’t see anything mentioned about it.


Are there any VoIP providers that are fully integrated to the API yet, or is everyone manually adding DIDs, CDRs, etc?