Voicemail to Ticket


Our phone service takes customer voicemails, transcribes them and sends both the transcription and the audio file (as a link) to the sonar ticketing email.

The issue is that every voicemail is merged into the same ticket (because the sender email is the same), this occurs even if the voicemail is sent to different inbound addresses (like support or sales). The proceeding emails are appended to whatever the first ticket received was (so if support inbound gets a VM email and a few minutes later the sales inbound gets another voicemail, they both show under the same ticket within support).

Is there a way to force handle all emails from my voip provider as treated individually?



Changing the subject would be the easiest way. Or use the API and insert them directly.


Hmm… ok. I’ll pass it on to our software team. Thanks Simon.


I think if you’re doing something custom, using the API is the cleanest, you’re not stuck dealing with email in the middle then, and you have much better control over what goes in.


Most voicemail systems have the ability to send voicemails by email and usually have the phone number in the subject line. I still think this would be a good feature for Sonar: allow a specific (or short list) of incoming emails to be auto-matched to accounts based on phone numbers listed in the subject line.


I’m not sure our service does the subject line injection. Currently as a temporary fix, I’ve just injected department tags into the subject to delineate type. They still stack together in Sonar, but at least they’re separated by departments now.

I think the solve is gonna be some API work like Simon mentioned before. Our phone system has a decent API (or so they tell us anyway), so there’s a way forward I’m sure.


It probably doesn’t matter if they don’t have an API, you could just build something where the phone system sends the voicemails to a separate mailbox, and you have a simple script to pull them out and attach them to accounts, tickets, or whatever using the Sonar API.


This is good, but it still makes for a messy solution because the emails from Telzio are so cluttered with crap.

It turns out they do have an API where I can pull a few data points like: caller number, audio vm file, transcription and of course date/time.

With that we can match the customer record with the phone number called and create a ticket with all the information we need. That said, we’ve moved away from Sonar’s ticketing system for now for other reasons (mostly around UX and admin process flow).


Would love some input in the feature request system as to what you’d need to be able to use it or to improve it… we’re always looking for feedback.