Validating address does not drop pin on property but on street


I thought when we first started using Sonar, when you validated an address it dropped the pin on the center of the property similar to Google Maps.

But now, when we validate it drops a pin on the road in front of it, which leaves us confused at times. So now we have to open a google map window, copy/paste the address, search it, to verify so we can drop the pin in the correct spot.

Can this be fixed?


No, this is just the return from Bing maps - we are stuck with what they give us.


Can we switch back to Google?


We’ve never used Google - nothing has changed on the geocoding since 0.2.


We’ve never trusted Bing or Google to be accurate for the address. We have all the County GIS maps bookmarked for office staff and they verify every address with the local GIS maps, then place the pin in the right spot in billing. This has proven to be 99% accurate vs trusting Bing/Google which is only about 70% accurate in our area.


We simply ask the customer to verify their property. So, in the example above, we’d ask: “Does your home have a red roof?” and they’d say yes or clarify where their home is in relation to that property.