V2 Ticket interface default search

Three paragraphs of venting. Skip if you wish.

We moved to V2 thinking it was ready for prime time. I don’t feel that the V2 UI is even close to ready. It’s certainly not feature complete (using V1’s feature list) which would be the definition of achieving beta status. There are a lot of little annoyances which seem like big steps backward from V1.

I know everyone was looking forward to getting their hands on V2. We were too. I think it was oversold before it was ready to get people to put up with not being able to get new features into V1. The early release is at least partially the users’ fault for pressuring Sonar into releasing sooner. I had been under the impression that we were moving to V2 on the tail end of the curve of conversions. Maybe if WISPAmerica had happened, I’d have gotten better data on that.

It feels like the developers threw the baby out with the bathwater in the attempt to re-write the UI. Also the developers apparently have really good Internet connectivity when testing. Field techs in remote rural areas do not. I’ve been working a lot of jobs in those areas within our network lately. That’s why I probably sound over the top annoyed.

V1 was annoying on the smart phone. V2 on the smart phone makes me want to go to quickbooks. I hate quickbooks.

For instance, and this applies to smart phone or laptop:
When you go to the Ticket interface in V2, the default query is all tickets in any status. It doesn’t seem to remember what options you had selected before.

As much as I hate the new Jobs interface, at least it’s default query is “Status=!closed”

The ticket interface doesn’t even have a simple query option for “not closed”.

It is one button to get to open tickets, after you load the full list on 1x cell service, after driving 5 minutes from no cell service, at the wrong end of a canyon. It is 4 or 5 clicks to get !closed.


From my understand, they have been working on an “install/field tech” app that will likely download the account info to the app and sync when the app gets data connection. or it could have an interface that is way less data intensive. I could be wrong in all that. But it is in development.

I do agree for, for us V2 was not ready enough and V1 is more efficient.

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That’s what the ‘Open Tickets’ prebuilt filter is for, but we need to fix it to include pending ones. All those custom filters will be saveable soon!

Joseph is right, the app is actually being beta tested right now, and we hope to launch it shortly. Keep the feedback coming - the more specific, the better! We’ve obviously done a pretty major overhaul, and we have a lot of resources assigned to improving everything we can right now. Any specific issues you’re having are super useful to help us prioritize and fix stuff.

Hi Scott,

Sonar already remembers filters set on several tables, including ticketing. It uses your browser’s local storage, so it would not persist across devices, or in a private browser window. We’re planning to save these settings on the server, so it persists everywhere. Could you tell me which browser/device you’re using, and if it was in a private window?

Firefox 64-bit 78.0.1 on Ubuntu 18.04.4. My default Tracking Protection setting is Strict. I have had to disable the built-in tracker blocker for Sonar to get even basic functionality. I do not use a private window for Sonar.

I have DuckDuckGo and Privacy Badger extensions. Privacy Badger has to be disabled for Sonar. DuckDuckGo has to be disabled for Sonar.

Sonar does not remember the filters for Ticketing for me.

Under Local Storage for our sonar instance, Firefox shows these two related values:

FilterPayload–TicketsIndexMainTable–advanced shows status=open
FilterPayload–TicketsIndexMainTable–simple shows all null values

I only looked after I had clicked the status=open button.

If I then click on the Jobs menu item. The values for the TicketsIndexMainTable are the same.
If I then click on the Tickets menu item. The values for the TicketsIndexMainTable are the same. However, I see tickets which match status=ANY, not only status=open tickets.

Hey Scott,

I’m currently looking into this issue but cannot recreate it. I made a video attempting to reproduce it. I’m using the latest version of Firefox with browser privacy in strict mode and using the browser extensions you mentioned which I left enabled. I set some search filters both simple and advanced, I then navigate away and upon returning to the Ticketing page both filters are remembered correctly. Try clearing caches and application storage to see if this helps resolve the issue.

Is this only happening on the Tickets table? Do saved filters work correctly on the Accounts table?
If possible are you able to record a video reproducing the issue?

Here is the video of attempting to reproduce the issue: https://imgur.com/a/nfY1hWI