V2 Reviews?

We are almost ready to be changed over to V2. However, past discussions with some in the industry have led me to reconsider the change.

Can anyone on V2 share thoughts on pros / cons. Currently, I would lose Google Calendar, which is fairly important.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Besides Google Cal integration, what other issues are you hearing about from others in the industry?

V2 still has plenty of issues (but V1 has its share as well)

My biggest gripe with V2 currently is the lack of ticket creation notifications. Yes, that is correct… When one of your customers opens a trouble ticket you will have no idea unless you are logged in and refreshing the ticket page constantly.

My thoughts after a few months in V2… wait. Keep waiting. Unless there is something major you need in V2, stick with V1. It’s been a nightmare for us. I’m happy to elaborate in DM if you’d like.


That the usablility of V2 on day to day operations is horrendous. UI sucks, no real enhancements over V1…


For us the biggest attraction to V2 was the API. I feel like the UI was a step backwards in terms of both UX and performance, and am hoping that it improves over time.

The new API is great. V2 as a whole, not yet. Still some show stopping issues, depending on how you run your business.

Thanks for the information everyone. It is now clear that V2 is not ready for our needs.

We will evaluate some other software vendors going forward.

Sonar V2 is making us sad. We jumped a year ago, thinking it was ready. It was not ready. It has not been ready. It is not currently ready.

I was finally getting office people buy in for keeping all customer information in the central data repository that Sonar is supposed to be.

We now actually keep less data in Sonar because it is so much slower and more difficult to use for the busy office people and the busy field people. It is nearly impossible to use in the field on the slab phone. It is probably especially difficult if you intentionally have a smaller slab phone to make it less likely to fall out of your pocket while on ladders/roofs.

By the time the installer app came out, I could no longer get the office people to create tickets / jobs in Sonar. They were barely willing to have it take them a little longer than creating an iCal entry using Sonar V1. They have not yet seen the benefits of a fully integrated operations system vs doing the things the way they always have. Moving from doing things the small ISP way to the ready to grow way has been difficult. I’ve made that transition at 3 ISPs. I know how much life improves with a good central management system like Sonar is supposed to be.

The office people are not willing to spend as much time on tickets and jobs as V2 requires. They have customers to help.

Honestly, I don’t like to use Sonar V2.

So, pretty much the whole company is soured on using the system for anything other than billing the customer. Everything has gone back to being entrenched in spreadsheets and iCal. We’ve gone backward on the transition to automation since leaving Sonar V1.

We’ve had weekly calls with Sonar about the issues we face. So far, not much progress.

@simon , could please address these issues directly?

I have not heard one positive thing yet about V2. This was pitched almost 3 years ago as “Faster” “Feature Packed” “Fully Integrated”. From everyone I have spoke with, it is much harder to use, very slow, no extra notable features. In many cases it has lost a significant amount of features as well.

All I get is email blasts of marketing material proclaiming this is the best CRM ever, webinars, etc. No one is ever reaching out to fix anything from the current customers of Sonar.

How could V1 be so much better, developed years ago with a small fraction of the Dev team? Something isn’t adding up.

When can we expect the system promised in 2017, @simon?

Just crickets hey?..

A long time ago, Fred Brooks’ book, The Mythical Man Month, defined the “Second System Syndrome”:

Could this be what has happened here?

I’m not sure - it makes a lot of sense to do a major rewrite in general. I can think of programs that have developed very little in the last 10-20 years because they didn’t take a big chance to rewrite from scratch. It is a lot worse when you are too afraid to fix the core issues with a product and instead just start implementing patches and workarounds because then you end up building up a mess over time, and the product becomes less and less relevant to the point where you finally just move to something else. So, I am actually really happy that Sonar had the foresight to rewrite the product instead of trying to patch the old one.

Note that we are still on v1 and haven’t moved to v2 yet so I haven’t been able to really compare them, but what I have seen of the new interface, it generally doesn’t look that bad to me, so I wouldn’t think it is impossible to fix the issues that are bothering people the most.

The new interface is not bad when you look at it. It’s when you switch to using it that you find things that are dog slow, or you just can’t specify the search option you used to use. Or creating a ticket is significantly more difficult. When you start putting data into a form you find that they require certain fields to be filled out and don’t make it obvious which fields you’ve missed because they don’t enable the submit button until all the necessary fields have data. Which means they don’t have a chance to put up an error saying which field it is you’ve missed.

The UI team appears to lack real world experience, as a whole. I’m sure there are UI team members who have experience. Or maybe they have the experience and just haven’t had time to do more than a rough draft of any section because the project is too large.

It takes many years for even small projects to mature. V1 was a long way from mature when Sonar decided to pull a Ubiquiti. (God, please have mercy on anyone attempting to run their business on UCRM. We know Ubiquiti will throw it away and start over at some point. Probably sooner than later.) The sections of the code that get used less often may take years for someone to get annoyed at enough to bring to someone’s attention. There are currently enough everyday annoyances to keep them busy.

I hope this rebuild makes the back end more modular. Maybe, in the future, when they want to rebuild sections which are deemed “nasty”, primarily because they weren’t written by the current maintainer, they will be able to scrap and replace small sub-systems one at a time.

@simon has not responded to this thread in 2 months…very bad sign.

Although I did get an email from Sonar today for " Expert Joey Coleman will be presenting - Never Lose A Customer Again on June 3rd at 2:00 pm CT"

LOL how ironic that Sonar would be hosting a presenter about how to “not lose customers” when they are literally losing customers with their poor communication in regards to V2.

IMHO, every employee at Sonar should be focused on addressing these issue immediately. ZERO work should be going into new features, hosting pointless presentations, etc until EVERY V1 feature is working 100% in V2, as well as the concerns addressed and repaired from people using V2 now.

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Hey all,

Since the site linked to this forum isn’t really used anymore, we’ll be retiring this soon in favor of something everyone can use - I don’t check it very often at this point.

We have a couple of hundred ISPs on v2 already, and we’re adding more everyday. I understand there are some issues we’re working through, but it’s functional and usable at this point, and we have people that can assist with any concerns you have, as well as help take your feedback so we can work to address any issues you find.

The people running presentations have nothing to do with the development of the software, so there’s no redirection of resources there. Feel free to email me directly with any questions or concerns - simon@sonar.software

Sounds like a good way to silence everyone bringing up the issues with V2

I would rather help solve the specific problems people are having. Everyone is free to discuss as they see fit, no intention of silencing anyone.