V1 DIDs 1k blocks

How many of you are using voice in v1 and have 1k blocks of DIDs? Being that we’ve operated for 15 years before Sonar, we have a lot of port-ins and port-outs. How are you handling your DID inventory?

My current thinking is to only add numbers we currently have (be it numbers in our 1k blocks that haven’t ported out or numbers that we have ported in), but I’m not sure if that’s a common scenario among Sonar users.

One option is to have software written to sync the DIDs with your provider. You can reach out to Scott Reed (sreed@sbrconsulting-llc.com) to get a quote on this.

I am the provider. NANPA would be the next entity up the chain. :wink:

I know Scott well.

Hey Mike,
We have a script to import DIDs to Sonar V1 or V2 from a CSV or some providers. We can easily modify it to import from your source and in batches of whatever size you want.

We are currently working on a system that will synchronize customer contact information between providers and Sonar based on DIDs. Currently, it is designed to read one or more providers and update Sonar to be sure all numbers get billing, etc.

Email additional questions or setup a time on our Calendly.