Uploading files for use with AssociateFileMutationInput

I’m working on an integration with the V2 API that will create tickets with files attached.The API docs mention having to upload the files to the /files endpoint, but I can’t find any documentation describing the correct way do that. I’ve tried POSTing the file to that endpoint along with the same Authentication: Bearer header required to access GraphQL, but am just getting a 419 in response. Any pointers would be great!

Paging @simon

I’ve since discovered that the file should be posted to the /files endpoint as a multipart MIME message like a regular browser file upload, but when trying to do so programmatically and setting the Authorization header to Bearer + Personal Access Token (which works for accessing the GraphQL API), the response I get is just the login form.

Is there currently any way to upload files outside of the web UI in V2?

I think we have a fix for this in the works, but it isn’t deployed yet. I’ll check.