Updating packages


Just a thought - but when you change from one package (say a 10 meg package to a 20 meg package), wouldn’t you expect the old package to go away?

I guess if I am thinking “outside the box”, I am a cable provider instead of a broadband provider, and someone added the showtime package, it would not replace the HBO package…

just thought i’d throw this out there and see what everyone thought…


@Jay_Fuller I agree. I think when there should be a message that when I put a new service on someone’s account that it asks if I want to replace the old one. Or a way to just replace the old one in case they have two services because they have two locations or apartments.


You should create a separate account if they have 2 locations. Of course this would make more sense if people were tied to addresses instead of addresses tied to people.


Yes we do. But sometimes they have the main house and the basement, so those aren’t separate accounts, just two services.