Undeposited Payments - can it be disabled?


As a new user to Sonar, I am seeing a highlighted red “Undeposited Payments” on my home page - which looks like it is tied to check deposits we make. Clicking on it makes it want to create a deposit slip. We don’t use deposit slips nor de we ever visit a bank. Everything is photographed on a phone with the bank app and then the check is archived. Is there a way to turn off the “Undeposited Payments” highlight? Or will this create a problem down the road from an accounting standpoint if I just ignore it? Or how do I tell Sonar the check was deposited?


It cannot be turned off right now… but I agree it really should have the option. I would rather not make dummy deposit slips just so I don’t see red every time I log in.

Log into your sonar instance, go to this link, and promote the idea: