Ubiquiti monitoring with Pulse


I noticed a lot of folks with various types of Ubiquiti equipment but it seemed like the majority of the post were older and specific to older firmware so I’m just trying to see if anyone is using similar equipment and if so… is sonar pulse monitoring it? Are network maps automatic?

Equipment that I’m not seeing populate automatically…
Ubiquiti air fiber 11x
SNMP and ICMP are in good status

Ubiquiti EP-S16
Appeared on map but doesn’t show anything connected unless we manually add links

Ubiquiti edge power ac/dc
Not on map but we were able to create templates and monitor

Tripplite UPS with web card
Not automatic and we haven’t conquered the snmp yet

Does anyone have advise or a system for getting everything into sonar automatically?


We tried for weeks to get Pulse working and were never able to. We have ePMP, Mimosa, Ubiquiti, IgniteNet and Siklu radios in our system. None of them populate Pulse properly. We have exactly two links that were automatically drawn on our maps. All of our gear is kept typically on the latest firmware. I spent a full day trying different options with MAC and IP addresses to get Pulse working and finally gave up. I really wish it would work for us but despite lots of effort and emails to Sonar support, I could not get it to work at all.




I have the same scenario with Ubiquiti: AirFiber 11x and EP-S16

SNMP and ICMP are in good status but pulse wont detect links, is there any update on this matter?


We spent countless hours and couldn’t get pulse to work properly. We were told that Ver 2 should fix these issues-- until then, Pulse is completely useless… Here’s to hoping that Ver 2 will be here sooner than later.


I have been told by Sonar Support that AirFiber 5x, 11x, and 24 have known issues working with pulse. It apparently is a hardware specific problem. We have had similar issues. We are also struggling to get the parent-child/connected client relationships accurate for some of our devices.

You can manually configure the links, but I wish you could manually correct the connected clients if they appear incorrectly somehow.