Two-way Calendar Sync

Do any of the supported calendar formats support two-way calendar syncing? IE: Block out times on the Sonar calendar for other entries in one’s general-purpose business calendar (Outlook, Google Calendar, etc.)?

I can’t even get one way syncing to work. Sonar blames Google but they are the only vendor that has this problem…

The Google sync doesn’t work for new employees due to Google’s third party vendor restrictions. I haven’t seen anything from Sonar about what they are doing for this. It’s a real problem since we hired new people. Luckily they aren’t techs, so it’s not an immediate issue. But at some point we might want to grow or get a new tech. Other calendars really aren’t a plus for us since we use Google.

While I hear the excuse from Sonar on third party vendor restrictions, they are currently the only software company we use that has this problem. We have dozens of programs that sync back to Google Calendar. Some have been set up for years, others are brand new. It’s not a priority for Sonar to fix this nor is it a priority to support any other calendar applications (Office 365, CalDAV, etc). Doesn’t sound like it works in V2 either.

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I’m just now digging into these things, but my v1 does show CalDAV integration settings. I haven’t tried to see if they do anything yet.

While we were on v1, I never managed to get CalDAV integration working with my NextCloud calendars. I was able to view the sonar calendar on my devices, which was nice. Of course, that all went away when we went to V2.

We have it working for currently employees but now when someone new starts (as of late last year) we can’t sync. Sonar says it’s the Google third party issue, but I agree, they need to push harder. Google comes to the WISPA events, so there must be a contact they could use through WISPA.
I can’t switch to V2 if I lose integration. This is the only way my team knows where they are supposed to go. Sonar mobile just isn’t good enough.

Even if it is a Google problem, it’s a Sonar problem. I pay Sonar, not Google, Sonar needs to fix it. The error I get seems clear it’s a Sonar problem.

That said, if it’s just one-way sync, that doesn’t do me any good either.

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