True reseller module


Please develop a true reseller module. I’m really hoping that the final product will allow us to offer true, full white-labled reseller services.

When I talked to PC about this, they didn’t really get it. I think that’s the problem with many software companies, they just don’t understand the day-to-day of what is needed to grow and expand beyond small mom and pop places.


What are you the features that you’d need for this?


We’ could use this as well.


Simon, we are looking to offer an Open ISP network. Allowing other ISP’s to resell our wireless services within our area.

One way is for them to sell and bill clients on their own, using your system, but without having access to all the features, just basic functionality. As resellers, we may want to restrict what they have access to.

But we need to allow them to provision their own clients. Or we install them, provision them and mark them as wholesale accounts billed to their company as a bulk order.

I have an ISP who may be selling through us as we deploy here soon. They are doing the same thing for fiber clients, were they buy from a fiber provider who installs and provisions clients in an OpenISP type setup. There is big potential, as this single ISP has 6000 clients they buy wholesale through the fiber program.

I’d like to just say to the ISP, hey if you want to resell, submit an application and we’ll create your reseller account on our billing system. Then, we open up an account for them and let them start selling. As they add customers, our installers schedule installs and do provisioning.

Alternately, I’d like the option for them to install their own customers, as long as they follow some specific standards (ie, manufacturer standards, antenna gain minimum’s for signal strength etc).

Besides just being straight white label, co-branding or agent type programs would be nice. Where they use your software to add leads, we can see who’s selling and what they are selling, where. As a co-branded option, we can utilize our brand and they can be authorized resellers, agents, etc, similar to DirecTV. They charge for installations, we offer kick-backs and short or long-term residuals.


The more I’ve talked to people about this, the more I think what is really needed is an external reseller interface that uses the Sonar API. I’ve not really seen a consistent need across the board, it’s a lot of disparate requirements depending on business need.

We don’t have the resources to take this on right now, but it might be something we work on down the road and open source. Someone else could also build it today using the Sonar API if they wanted to!


Anyone with a residual payment solution in place to pay sellers a monthly referral fee?


We are also going to be reselling. I have figured out a way for the reseller to do it in sonar, I just have special plans for that ISP. They do all the billing in their own billing platform and just use sonar for the management part of it.
It would be nice to have something a bit easier but defiantly not a top priority for sonar development.


Most resellers look at two main options:

1-One time referral fee - ($20, $50 half amount, full amount or 1 and half amount of the first month of referral) (This could also be a result of {One Time} {Percentage Calculation} = {Total Credit ammount}

2-Residual income (A percentage of the monthly billing from the referral Ex: 5%, 10%, 15%…) {Percentage Calculation} {Occurecnce [Montly, Yearly]} = {Total Credit ammount}

I believe the easier way will be working with the following variables:

(Referred Customer Monthly Bill Result}{Percentage Calculation} {Occurecnce [One Time, Monthly, Yearly]} = {Total Credit ammount}

Will this help?

Im sure many ISP’s like us will love to have this in place, in special when we receive so many referrals from IT companies that have direct communications with end users and the role of taking decisions with adding or switching ISP providers. Today we are losing deals just because we don’t have this in place and so far not able to find an external application that can API with Sonar.