Triggered email on X days past due failing


We are having an issue where triggered emails based on “X Days Past Due” are not being sent. We have “invoices become past due after 29 days” set for all customers. We then have a mass email set to send at 1 day and 15 days past due.

I would assume then if an invoice was generated on November 1, it becomes past due on November 29 based on our settings. On November 1, the system sent the invoice email. On November 30, we have a “1 day past due” triggered email that was never sent. On December 14, the “15 days past due” triggered email was not sent - at least according to the email log for the customers that are past due…

Is this a bug or am I setting something up wrong? I’ve included screen shots of our customer parameters and our email template.


Would be best to send this in to support so they can look in your system to help troubleshoot.