Traffic Flow and data collection


We want to use Traffic Flow from our Mikrotiks along with Netflow endpoints in Sonar to simply track customer usage. We do not have caps or bill on usage. I have enabled Traffic Flow as well as a couple Endpoints in Sonar to test on a couple live routers. We are not seeing any data get updated for the users connected to those routers. They do have IPs associated with them that are assigned by Sonar and written to the Mikrotiks (non RADIUS implementation). We also use the Sonar simple queues to manage our customer speeds. All that works - but the usage data.

Do I need to create a “dummy” usage based billing policy and attach it to the services for the customers that we want to track? Basically a policy with no check boxes and a high data cap number?


No, it’s probably a misconfiguration on the source IPs for your netflow endpoints. Hit up support if you get stuck and they can help look.


As soon as I created a dummy usage policy, it started tracing data for my users…


It would show up as the filling bar at that point on the ‘Data Usage’ section, but overall data usage is still collected for everyone regardless of having a policy. If you’re seeing something other than that, please open up a ticket so support can help you get it working.