Timing of Suspensions and Late Fees


Apparently, these don’t happen at the same time. Apparently, they happen three hours apart.



They’re two separate processes.


Why can’t they both start at the same time or one process flows to the other upon completion?

Business process-wise, it’s the same event. The customer has passed whatever threshold, now they get a late fee and are suspended. Admittedly, some companies may do them on different days, but I don’t see why time of day is a conflict.

Perhaps this should be user-customizable?


Yea I can see this bring a problem if there is a lapse in the process of being suspended and having a late fee applied.


I was told today it was because of online banking from Sonar. So if someone waited till the day before being delinquent it would give time for it to go through bank the next morning. So this make no since to me. If i send my payment the day before its due via my bank i know its gonna be late anyway. If thats the case the customer should use the online portal to pay if they need it instantly. I have opened cases on this several times since we switched from wispmon to Sonar and today is the first time ive been told the reason. The other times im always just told it should have happened at same time.


Agreed. How is that your problem? Customer pays late, it’s late.


They could potentially, it’s just not how it’s setup in Sonar today. Late fees weren’t added until well after delinquency checking was implemented, and it’s just run in a separate process today. I was just answering the ‘why’ of the question :slight_smile:


So you can change the world? :wink:


So just to give u a feeling for how it goes. At 9AM suspensions happen. When i see that I have to open up every single customer thats delinquent and manually add a one time charge for Late Fee. Then 3 hours later at 12PM Sonar runs its process. Then if they havent paid by 12pm of that same day i have to go in and remove the duplicate late fee charge from all the customers that are left. Its just annoying mostly but I dont feel I should have to go to that much trouble for which i feel should be automated. Ok thats my 2 cents for now!! lol


I’ll merge these processes together for V2, I’m actually working on finishing up the new billing system now.


Thanks so much.