Tickets and Jobs Notifications


I have created a ticket and set myself to be responsible and subscribe to that order. I create a job and put it on the schedule and it gets completed. Should i get a notification on this since the ticket was updated? I’m only getting a notification is there is a post or status change.


I’ve talked to support and I am not getting straight answer. Is notifications (Blue Dot at the top left) for Tickets only for replies and status changed? and nothing else with the ticket like linked Job complete or creations?


Hi Joseph,

Apologies on the delayed response on this one.

There is not going to be an option to enable notifications for the “Blue Dot” on that page, since by default notifications show up there for you whenever events happen in Sonar where you should get notified.

Listed below are the only conditions currently in which you’ll receive notifications for tickets:

  1. You are a member of the ticket group that the ticket is associated with.
  2. The box is checked for " Send a notification to the responsible group/user when a ticket receives a new reply. " and " Send a notification to the responsible group/user when a ticket receives a new comment. "on 1.
  3. The ticket is not assigned to a user already.

You will only get notifications for tickets if the above conditions are met, and it’s for either a new ticket comment, or new ticket reply. These are the only 2 statuses you will get notifications about within the Sonar blue dot logo for tickets.

Once the ticket has an assigned user, blue dot notifications will be shown to that assigned user only. No other users within that group will get those blue dot notifications.





You’re welcome @Joseph_Istre. If you need anything else, just let us know :slight_smile:



Is there a way to notify ticket’s responsible person/group by email instead of just the pop up in the Sonar interface. We’d like to proactively notify people even when they’re not at a computer.


You can by clicking the 3 dotted button above the sonar logo on the left hand side and then going to Profile > Setting > Notifications and checking the Email box for the ticket category.