Ticket Groups

How are you using ticket groups?

We created different ticket groups that correspond to different groups within the company and then added appropriate people to them. Once a ticket is put into “engineering”, CSRs can no longer see them. Okay, so then I need to add the CSRs to the engineering group. If I have to add everyone to every group just so that all tickets for a given customer show up, what’s the point in even having more than one group?

I asked support, but the response I received was academic, not useful.

So, the issue ticket groups are supposed to solve is overloading. When you are large enough that you’re dealing with ~1000 tickets a day, it is helpful to have each individual have their own filters.

I mean to say, Should your CSRs be looking at your engineering tickets anyway? Unless just to check, if it’s just to check, you can still use an overall filter to see everything

I’d think that every CSR should be able to see EVERY ticket that exists for a customer. Maybe not all details, but definitely that a ticket exists.

Now, when a CSR goes to a customer, communications, tickets, they see nothing. I go there, and I see a ticket assigned to engineering.

Oh, someone made every group private.


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