Throughput Graphs

Does everyone have graphs that are all spikey like this?

There is no limiting on this device. It just isn’t what I expected to see on a throughput graph. Is it poller timing or something else? …or maybe they all are supposed to look like that?

not sure about the spikes

That is weird, right? It looks like it’s being limited or something. As if, using your graph, this device should only be allowed 30M, but the user is trying to push 50M. Up and back down.

I wonder if the graphs will be markedly different in Sonar V2?

At least I’m not the only one with spikey graphs. Thanks @Joseph_Istre!

The tiny bit of graphing i saw on V2 was about the same. The UI was arranged a bit different. But might have changed since.

What makes you think it is weird? It’s likely to just be quick spikes in data usage.

Hey @simon! It looks weird because other monitoring tools I use tend to show smoother graphs.
The colors are hideous to me, but it seems to have smoother graphs. I don’t know if it’s any more/less accurate.
Actually, I can watch these devices’ actual numbers. They don’t spike from 20M to 60M and back again.

I was only curious to see if other people have spikey graphs, or if it was just me. =)

Those are probably more averaged out. Ours tend to be pretty precise, but it depends on how you’re capturing the usage data. The bigger the gaps in collection time, they smoother it’ll look.