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Hi all,
I’m looking to change my billing software, your software look very good and also affortable!
But it scare me to do the change, is it possible to test your software to make sure it fit my need?
Is there french translation? for the customer portal?
Sorry for my poor english.


Hi Patrick,

Yes, I’ll have someone reach out to you.


Morning Patrick,

I would be more then happy to answer your questions and discuss Sonar as a billing management solution for your company.
Either send me your phone number and a good time to call you or you can select a time from my calendar. calendly.com/shane-sonar

Look forward to speaking with you.


Shane MacDonald
VP of Growth & Strategy
Sonar Software
Canadian (780)-900-1180 Ext. 1016
US (702)-447-1247 Ext. 1016
Schedule a meeting calendly.com/shane-sonar


Hi Shane,

Do you speak french? Is there someone who speak french in your team?
If not, maybe it is better ton communicate by email to be sure that i have time to understand what you tell me.



Hi Patrick,

Unfortunately at this time we don’t have anyone on staff that is fluent in french.
Send me an email with your questions and we can go from there.