Temporary rate limit change


We’re using RADIUS for authentication. Is there a way to temporarily increase a customer’s speed for a trial without affecting billing?


How are you setting the speeds to begin with?


MikroTik Hotspot integrated with RADIUS.


Still unsure how you’re rate limiting, but I had a similar need & got advice from one of the helpful Sonar folks.

You can create 2 Groups (One RADIUS group & one Account Group to tie them together) with your needed attributes & set the priority higher (lower number) so it grabs that one as they come online. Then add the account to the corresponding group created. Once they re-establish the connection they should have the adjusted rate



What we currently do when someone wants a trial we do the following;

Add the service plan you want them to try to the account with overriding the price to 0.00.
Go to the Radius account and change the data service to the trial service plan.
Now add a scheduled event and put the day you want the trial to end.

Reauthenticate the PPPoE session.

Now when the service plan gets removed from the scheduled event will move the account back to the original service plan. We do this for a week or two and normally tell the customer to call us if they want to keep the speeds.