Telrad LTE Integration to BreezeView 7.0


Planning to set this up.

Who is doing this?
Is it working as advertised?
Can you share good and bad?



As far as I know we got a few customers who are using Telrad integration without any problems. Maybe some of our customers can chime in with better details but I don’t think there is any specific issue with Telrad Integ. Either way feel free to send in a ticket if you got any issues.


Yes, we have been using the LTE integration in Sonar for a while. Works just fine.
Seems to work ok with BreezeView 7.2 as well.




How long have you been on 7.2? Is it working with no issues? Telrad say I need to go to 7.2 to make CPEView work against our 12000 CPE…


Well, I would not say “its working” just yet. They are in the process of installing a new release.
we had a bad drive on the server and the software was not working right but that could have been due to the server.
Should know this week though.
We turned off CPEView on the 7.0 version and just started installing CPE12000 units this past couple weeks so cant comment on that just yet.


Please keep me posted…