Telrad 9000 and 12000 CPE Templates


Has anyone created templates for the 9000 and 12000 Telrad CPE and willing to share.

If not anyone know OIDs for basic CPE info like RSRP, CINR, SINR, TX power ect?


OK I have the OIDs.

How have people created templates for LTE? The IP goes against the SIM card, but SIM cards can be in any CPE i.e. 7000, 9000 or 12000 the 7000 OIDs are different so we need to have a template for each model?

Have have people achieved this?


Use deployment types on the SIM per CPE.


yes, that was the only way I could see. Difficult to go back and fix the 900 radios already installed…
I will ask Tim if he can do something on the backend.