Synchronizing due dates


We are looking at requiring CC/echeck/other automated solution for MTM payments and only accepting checks for annual payments. This is similar to what Dish does now.

However, what I would like to be able to do is to synchronize all of the check payments so that they are all due on a certain date in order to prevent them from coming in randomly throughout the year. I wouldn’t want the date to be Jan 1 as that would always mean a lot of processing just before the holidays. What would be great is to have a simple way to require all checks to be due June 1, or some other date.

Are there any suggestions on a way to do this? It would be similar to prorating, but to the specified month instead of just normal monthly billing.


@Steven_Sugg I’ve read some of your other posts and it would appear you have a lot more subs than me, but I couldn’t imagine the blow back I’d receive if I did this. A pretty large percentage of the checks we receive are automated from the clients bank bill pay, which from the customer perspective is automated even though we have to process it here like it was a check sent directly by the customer.

I think you might want to figure out how many you are going to be affecting before you do it, but if the benefits outweigh the potential blow back, then your going to have to probably do something on each account individually unless Sonar support can do it like an import for you. Re-import those clients with different billing parameters, either pro-rating their next invoice for less than a year to make their next one June 1st the following year or pro-rating 1 year +months to have them pay up to 23 months one, or maybe best invoice everyone now for whatever they would owe to get their next invoice on June 1st 2019.