Support tickets with auto reply often fail


We have a support@… address set up. That is a Google account that just auto forwards to our account.

I find that about 40% of the time when I customer emails our support@ address, it creates a ticket but our auto reply goes back to us - not the customer. The customer writes in from his account email address but the ticketing system does not register him as a customer. When we go in a reply back to him, if we are not careful, the email we send back ends up getting sent to our own support@ address. It’s like the ticketing system thinks we were the customer.

It’s pretty frustrating since the customer never gets the auto-reply from us stating we got the email (and to try some support steps like rebooting routers). And when our tech replies, if they simply do a “public reply” and dan’t go in and manually attach the ticket to a customer, the reply never gets to the customer - it comes right back to our own support@ email account.

Does anyone else see this? Is this an issue with us forwarding email from a business Google (gmail) account?


I was working on this today and ran into that type of situation when the “from” email wasn’t from the customer, but rather from the company.

I.E. sends email to and the system generating the email to was configured as.


It looked correct in SONAR as coming from but the auto-reply would go to the FROM email and not the REPLY-TO email.

We corrected the FROM portion and that resolved the issue. Not sure that’s your same issue - but worth looking into and confirming that the FROM is actually FROM the customerdomain.