Stop displaying invalid information



If you aren’t going to allow us to delete accounts, then figure out a way to stop displaying accounts that SHOULD be deleted. We have tickets getting opened under the wrong account. Searches take longer to find the right account.

I don’t want to see them in search results. I don’t want to see them in reports. I don’t want to see them at all.

Your solution is to prevent us from deleting. Then accomplish it some other way.


I think you can delete accounts, but only the ones with no bill info or IP info. If you are really having issues you might be best to change the account info to generic info on all the accounts you doesn’t want to see… account name, connected name, address. and make sure the accounts are not active… maybe make an account status called something you can tell it’s not the right account.

We put a popup from the notes. when you load the account it will popup and you can put anything. We put a link to the right account.


How about a check box that hides it from searches with the ability to report on which accounts are hidden


I agree with the don’t delete anything short of mistakes.

I agree there should be some way to “archive” an item so that it doesn’t show up in any searches unless the search includes archived items.


Totally agree. Most of the reports will show deleted accounts, but you can’t find them in Sonar when you go to research and then when I search at the right top or other places it shows them as well. It’s super frustrating.