Sonar -> Writing to Mikrotik


Upgraded all my headend routers to 6.45.1
Lost the ability to write address lists to the Tiks,
Apparently Mikrotik changed their API authentication mechanism a while back. Any word on when sonar will see this update?
@simon ?


Rolling back to 6.44.4 works for now (sonar recommends 6.43.16 LTS).
Sonar says v2 will support the new API. Hope its rolling out in the next few weeks. :wink:


Ahhh. The old V2 popped up again. Available soon. Like ROS V7 and Netonix 10Gbs?

Or soon, as in, the sun runs out of fuel in just over 4 BILLION years.


V2 first mentioned January 2018

“V2 has been underway for six months now”


We moved to sonar because they touted being IPv6 ready and there was actual activity and development. (Sept 2017) Today, everything we’ve ever asked for since then has been a ‘it’ll be better in v2’
Our first major problem, November 2017 –
Network down poller notifications: We just want to know what was down, send it in the email
Sonar response… yeah, we reworked that for version2, it’ll be better but we’re not working on v1 anymore… but you can add it to receptive if you want to try…

That’s the response we’ve gotten for almost every request since then…


We’ll have an update out for v1 in the next couple of weeks to fix this.


And here I thought our office was the only making jokes about v2. :laughing:


Any update on this fix?


Hey Adam,
The new Sonar patch just went live a few hours ago and the new firmware version is now compatible with Sonar.