Sonar Unveils The Future of ISP Billing and Management Software


DEBOLT, AL — Sonar Software presented their greatest advance at WISPAPALOOZA 2019 at a sold-out event in Las Vegas, NV. Version 2 is a “big re-imagining”; a re-building from the ground up.

“We’re no longer just a software company. We’re now partnering with all our customers in all their success...helping them with marketing and...are way more engaged”, said Simon Westlake, founder of Sonar Software. Westlake added, “We started over and threw out all the old code”.

Sonar Software has always helped wireless internet service providers (WISPs)with billing, ticketing, provisioning, and other operational functions. The result has been deep engagement and based on this deep engagement, Sonar has regularly encountered other needs. In addition to greatly improveduser interface (U/I), Sonar is adding marketing features in order to help their customers grow.

Other new features in development include a mobile app for installers to make field installation easier. They can take pictures, deploy field inventory, and get assistance with site surveys. Sonar built a new customizable dashboard so that everyone in your company can see what they need to see when they need to see it.

“WISPAPALOOZA has been fantastic because it has allowed us as a team to see and talk with customers and each other in real time, all concentrated in one place”, said Westlake. In addition to WISPs, Sonar provides solutions for multiple dwelling units (MDUs), fiber, and cable and voice providers.

Simon, what is the biggest foundational change?

Good question. I don’t think there is just one. The industry was made up of smaller players. We might deal with an owner, an owner with his wife, an owner with his son. That was cool but changes in the industry have made it more ‘grown up’. Microsoft and Google are getting involved in this space, stepping in. WISPs are growing, getting way bigger, and seeing way more money coming into this industry. People are deploying fiber, cable. LTE is becoming this big thing for fixed providers that wasn’t even a thought back then.

Experience the all new powerful Sonar on November 5th – 2pm EDT - Register for the webinar here.

Sonar Software was recently recognized by both The Globe and Mail, and by Canadian Business as one of the top 50 of Canada’s fastest growing firms.

About Sonar Software

Sonar is a modern, cloud-based solution that solves everyday problems for ISPs. We simplify processes like billing, provisioning, and customer service, bringing them together in one place.For more information on Sonar Software, please visit


When will we be able to hit the magic upgrade button? :slight_smile:


We can migrate people now, but we’re doing it slowly at first to make sure we can offer the support needed. We’ll have a schedule out in the next couple of weeks.


We’d always be more than happy to be early in the migrations :smiley: Been an early supporter and can’t wait to get my hands on the new API as soon as I can, plus a ton of other new features we’ve been waiting for.


We have several instances and would prefer that one of the instances is upgraded first (it can be upgraded anytime actually) since it is not critical like the rest of our instances. This will allow us to do some testing etc with the new version. We have some integrations with tr069 (GenieACS) that we will have to adjust for the new Sonar version due to the removal of the search endpoint.


We’ll be working with everyone to figure out the best path - we just have to clean up some tools and get our staff all ready. Won’t be long!


We have an critical inventory system need. We’re hoping to get this sooner than later to help our inventory system.
We have been holding off on developing some tools in house until the v2.0 API. When do you think we can start to see that? Is there documentation available already?


It’ll be a couple of weeks yet, but we’ll have documentation and a test bed available soon.


If you looking for an easy one to Migrate over to 2.0 and to help test. I am still small so it should be an easy one lol


I couldn’t make it to the webinar, unfortunately. Will it be possible to watch the recording soon?


We will post the recorded session once it has been uploaded.




Here is the recorded session.