Sonar Started glitching with google chrome


This started about a week ago, first it was sonar on google chrome on my Samsung the search icon disappeared and you cant access the menus. Now today Google chrome on my pc all the side menus are gone and any pop out window does not display.

Anyone else seeing this issue have uninstalled chrome fully on phone removed cookies and all that wonderful stuff with no luck. Same on the PC.

Note if i use Samsung web browser or IE there is no problem…


It started doing the same thing for me just today. Menus doesn’t show up on Chrome, Firefox. Works fine on opera browser for pc.


Same symptoms as above. Menu and sonar beacon cannot be seen or clicked. Initially, I was thinking the cause might be the dark theme. One of my coworkers had the same issue immediately after activating the dark theme for the first time. That time it was remedied with a browser restart. No such luck this time…


There is an issue with the dark theme currently due to a Chrome update. We’ll have a fix for it, but if you disable the dark theme for now, it should fix it.