Sonar monthly to Quickbooks

Which reports are folks using to get financial data out of Sonar and into Quickbooks for the accountants?


Good question, I will like to know too
Quickbooks integration could help a lot

We are having to pay someone to connect the API for this. Bill is up to $1200 so far :\

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My accounting staff has pitchforks in hand when it comes to messing with their flow/procedures. API integration would be fantastic. Good to get a picture of the cost would be. Thanks for the replies.

My accountant is mad at me for changing billing systems for customer invoices without the interconnect built. Try to force us to keep two billing systems…

I realize this is probably not terribly helpful to many users, but as we use QB and you asked - we run all our billing for clients on a single day and simply do a manual single line item entry into QB for the day.

We do not track individual customers in QB - just revenue - so it’s fairly easy to account for monthly revenue from Sonar into QB.

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Thanks for the reply. We have input a number of General Ledger codes to match up with the chart of accounts they have in Quickbooks. It appears that most of the data they are looking for is available but on several different reports.

That Sonar to Quickbooks hook via the API would be slick…

The hook will probably never happen natively, as the tax implementation is just too complex in most cases to map up to Quickbooks easily. I spent about a month working on one already, and it was a nightmare.

If there are reporting changes that’d make it easier, I’d like to hear them though.

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Would going to Quickbooks online be easier?

I am not a programmer and I do not play one on TV.

Nah, it’s all the same. It’s mostly that you can’t represent an unlimited amount of taxes in Quickbooks like you can in Sonar. You also have things like GL code mappings… it’s just a big pain.

Hi Keith,
I’m also very interested in Sonar/Xero integration. I was wondering if you had any success with your integration? I think you mentioned in a post that you were having some custom dev done… Perhaps I can leverage the work you’ve already done and help cover the costs you’ve incurred.
Would you be willing to discuss with me by phone?
Any information you can share would be greatly appreciated!

Hey Ben,

We ran into some limitations with Xero and went back to Quickbooks, but the Online version. We are still working with the 3rd party to build the API integration and are about $2500 into it but at the finish line. Let me know if you want to chat further.


Wow thanks Keith, that is very interesting. I’d love to chat further if you have a few minutes. Just let me know how best to contact you and what time works best… THANKS!!

Sure, shoot me an email

I’d be very interested in this as well. We are just about to deploy and will be doing a test here tomorrow. I’m looking to automate as much as possible.

How is the Quick Books integration going is it possible to email or call you to have a chat about it. Thanks

We are in the doldrums of Sonar and Quickbooks. Mostly due to Sonar not readily being able to report on things like Available Funds, if I am understanding correctly. Our Quickbooks accountants are demanding a daily “Z report” like from the cash register days to do daily balances and reconciling. We haven’t even broached the idea of some kind of integration between the billing platform (Sonar) and the accounting platform (QB). Running parallel systems and trying to audit/reconcile them is an interesting exercise in futility but not exactly my idea of efficient. Sailing is always slow in the doldrums but the glacial pace of success in this instance is, well, grinding.

One of the metrics used previously by the owners of our company is how many installs and how many uninstalls each month. Installs can easily be done in whatever period necessary with Accounts Activated report. However, I do not see an easy way to get a report on uninstalls.

I’ve also been marking a lot of gear as Failed in Inventory. Would be great to get a report of what failed, account or site assigned to and costs.

The easiest way to get stats on uninstalls is to either have a dedicated uninstall status you can report on, or you could have a disconnection job that you can report on. Reporting on available funds will be 1.4, the payment report will show the total applied and unapplied amounts on each payment - I think this’ll resolve that issue completely.

1.4 will also bring a new feature request tool that will help with submitting some of the requests.

I don’t see any reports where you can report by job type. Where do we find those?

We created a process to report our our income to journal entries since we are on a cash basis and not accrual. If anyone is interested in it, let me know. It’s a lengthy process, but we can run it very efficiently now. Not sure it’s 100% accurate, but it’s close. We have it split out the numbers by GL Code in Sonar. That’s a handy feature to use if you haven’t already implemented it.