Sonar + Mojio GPS support


We just started tracking our fleet with (ODB GPS car tracker)
I don’t see it in the sonar drop downs but they do have an extensive and open API, any chance it could be an easy integration for you guys? Seems quite popular up here in Canada - supported by all the providers.


Seems neat. What does that cost?


Carrier specific, we are using the Bell ones:
We bought the units outright ($200) and it’s $10/mo per vehicle.
The software they all use (telus, bell and rogers) is and it has a pretty awesome API.


We recently started using Bouncie ( ) and I’m thrilled with it. Devices to plug into trucks are $67 each and we’re paying $20/mo for 3 vehicles or $6.67 each. It’s the cheapest one I’ve found and it works great. Only available is U.S. though. I’ve reached out to them about and API to integrate with Sonar but as of right now, I’m a lone cry in the wilderness. I tried to let them know that if they had an API, more would come.