Sonar 1.7.4 changelog


File Downloads
Improved file download performance with large files. Also modified the file output so that some items (like PDFs) are opened in browser, and others (like audio files) are forced for download.

Improved map usability on mobile.

Scheduled Events
Add service, add package, and add price override scheduled events are now always run last. This prevents an issue with an ‘Add Service’ event being run prior to a ‘Remove Service’ event, and the ‘Add Service’ failing due to an existing service conflict.

Service Metadata
Adding new service metadata fields could modify fields on other services.

Package Prorating
The package prorate override option is now respected.

Multi-User Job Time Lookup
When looking for time for multi-user jobs, the available times are now always ordered by time, from earliest to latest.

Fixed a number of display bugs in the scheduling interface.

Tax Reports
The tax report will now subtract the ‘Tax Exemption Amount’ from debits when displaying the ‘Taxable Amount’ column.

Job Service Quantity
Fixed updating the service quantity on a job not being applied.