For monitoring Templates.
If one device doesn’t have the snmp/oid that is in the template. Is there a way that it will not break all of the other snmp polls?


Hey Joseph,
I think you can create another template and use the deployment type feature for that specific device. Is there a reason this device does not have the snmp/oid available ? I think you might need to upgrade/flash the latest firmware on that specific device.
Here is a video describing how to use the deployment types


Yes but deployment types would have been nice to know about when we were onboard. I’m still sifting through cusotmer’s CPE I need to add deployment types too.

I just want it to put the SNMP if it has is and not if it doesn’t

BUT it pulls nothing if one is not right.


I will give you a call tomorrow if you are free and we can try to work through this together or if you want to give me a call directly at (702) 447 1247 ext 1018.


can we work on it this morning?