Sneak peek of the new customer portal


We’ve been working on this to be released with v2.0 of Sonar, but it’s going to be released for use with v1 since it’s almost done and v2.0 is still a little ways away. Thought I’d share a screenshot to show you how much improvement there is! More to come…


Timeline on v2?


Are CDRs included by default as well?


Nothing more specific than 2019 yet


Not in the v1 version


So the v1 version of the new portal does not, but the v2 version of the new portal does?


Not in the existing build, but it’s on the roadmap.


Is there a timeline for releasing the new portal? Days? Weeks? Months? Thanks in advance.




Prove it!


The new customer portal looks great, Simon! Thank you for the sneak peak. Will the new customer portal provide the customer with an hourly breakdown of data use?


No, there is really no functionality change. It’s just the UI of the new portal for v2 sitting on top of the v1 foundation. Nothing functionality wise will really change until v2 comes out.


Thank you for clarifying, Simon. Are you saying that the v2 Customer Portal will provide the customer with an hourly breakdown of data use?


Not necessarily, I’m just saying it isn’t in the V1 rebuild. We’re still working on the infrastructure for the data usage storage and querying, so I won’t know what the capabilities are until we’re done designing it. I’d like to implement it if we can.


Thank you, Simon. Much appreciated.


Looks great!


Can you add the option for self-help articles or videos in the portal?


Not in the v1 version, but it is open source - it would be easy to fork it and add whatever content you’d like into it!