SMS & Live Chat integration ideas

Has anyone done an integration like this?
We are planning to do, and would love to hear some experiences/ideas/suggestions.
Which providers?

We would love to take a load off of our call volume and shift it to SMS. Cust Serv reps definitely would appreciate this and I think customers too, would rather text than call in.

SONAR Staff - I know I’ve heard that this is on your roadmap… if so how realistic? timeframe?


We would love to have a Chat feature that was built into Sonar or that we could feed into our CRM (InfusionSoft). We tried Formilla. It was free for the basic version, but there were some features that we would have wanted to pay for. The problem is that it’s separate, so you have to be watching for the window to appear. It didn’t seem to work well with the Windows notifications. Definitely need a shorter way for people to ask questions, than forms and tickets.
Also we have wanted to be able to do SMS with some clients vs tickets. We have one client that prefers to text, but our phone service doesn’t do that, so we are stuck with tickets and email for now.

@Martha_Huizenga I think we are going to find a product and do the integration ourselves. I’ll let you know what we come up with.

Our requirements:

  • Allow customer to SMS or LiveChat from our website
  • Both SMS and LiveChat come through same Customer Support chatbox
  • Transcript creates Sonar Ticket (specify open or closed)

Cool. Let me know what you come up with.

We have successfully integrated Sonar with a customer-facing chat app called Chatlio and Slack.

The beauty of it is that none of our cust service people needed to have a new login/app because we already use Slack daily.

How it works:

  • Add Chatlio widget to public website
  • Based on a set schedule, widget on public site shows “Available” or “Leave a message”
  • Customer initiates chat
  • Our staff gets a Slack Alert every 30 seconds for 3min until someone answers it.
  • When conversation is over, Chatlio emails the transcript into Sonar Ticketing.

Addtional Integrations we are planning:

  • add Automated sonar account lookup based on chatlio email address
  • Adding Slack shortcuts to:
    • set Sonar Ticket to Open or Closed
    • Add a note to the Ticket
    • Add a note to the users Account
    • Add ticket categories/groups

If your organization does not use Slack. Check out Zoho SalesIQ.

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