Small WISP with some cisco switches and Mimosa radios, how do I setup network in Sonar?


We are a small WISP just getting started with Sonar. We have a handful of Cisco Switches at sites, I can;t see where to add them to the network, am I missing something?



Most WISPs use Mikrotik/Netonix/UBNT for the wireline stuff. You might be out of luck with the Cisco gear.

@simon - Can you offer some suggestions?


You can add any equipment to the network by creating them in inventory, then deploying them to the network site. Check out the videos at for more in depth details.


It really depends on the model #… Many of the entry - mid units do not support snmp. As simon mentioned the video is the best place to start.


That’s kind of my question, we currently have a libre NMS running on our switches via SNMP,

How do I get that SNMP info into Sonar?


There’s a video series at that walks through the setup of the network monitoring module in full.


Did you guys manage to solve this issue? I’m adding Cisco Routers and Swithces to the: “Monitoring Templates” with valid OID ( but get the error:

“No such instance currently exists at this OID”