Slow performance on our Sonar instance the past few days


The last few days we are having a lot of delays navigating, searching, etc in Sonar. Is anyone else having such issues? I’m seeing it on mobile and desktop, on and off our own network. I am wondering if this is just something with our instance or with the overall Sonar infrastructure (as I don’t know how it all interacts on the back-end).


The best thing to do with these is to just hit up support right away - they are going to be able to help diagnose it quickly for you.


Support turnaround is up to two days so I figured I’d check here first and see if anyone else had the same problem.


Seems to be resolved now whatever it was.


I think you passed on the slow to us. Can you please take it back?


For this kind of stuff, just give us a call - someone will pick up immediately and have it investigated for you.


Turns out we were hammering our API with a rogue script… whoops. My fault.


Our instance has always been slow. I just thought it was Sonar. Stuff doesn’t save because my people are impatient.


Ours has been very slow the past few days and we are not hammering it with API scripts. It has definitely gotten slower recently.

For cloud based systems to make sense, they need to perform as well as locally hosted. Slow costs money in labor time wasted.


Ours has been responsive with no performance issues whatsoever. $0.02


Anyone who is having issues, please open a ticket with support so they can work through it with you!