Slack Integration for Notication, Etc

We are new to sonar and are wanting to prepare for possibly using integration with Slack for notification and possibly some more in depth interaction with sonar like info recall etc.

I have seen a few posts that hint at the integration by what I believe to be users but they are quite old and I wondered if there is any documentation or other info I can reference as to how I would go about integrating slack with sonar.


This was a topic at the Sonar training at WISPAPALOOZA. I think it is on the roadmap?

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I am wanting to see if there has been any progress on this.

The webhooks unfortunately do not see to be configured well enough to be sent to slack. I believe this is due to the format that it sends the POST in.

Is there a way I can modify the POST script to properly send to Slack?

Our main goal is to get notification when accounts change status and possibly with ticket notifications.

As far as I know we should have slack working correctly. Could you show me what is not working?

I sent you a message with the details

After working with Saied he recommended that i see if anyone else is integrating sonar with slack like I desire to do.

The idea that I have is to have channels within slack that receive messages from sonar regarding certain triggers.

The triggers I would like to use is when an account changes status or when an update is made to a ticket.

These are selective options within the web-hooks page however the JSON script that it is sending to slack when I setup a web-hook does not seam to translate the content properly and so slack is rejecting the message.

Anyone successfully using the web-hooks with slack?

You would have to build a middleware to receive the webhook and then transmit data to Slack. There isn’t currently any way of just sending the data directly to Slack, because it’s not in the format Slack would expect.

Is there future plans to build something like this into sonar?

The tickets already do it in sonar with incoming emails.

Would be nice to see this in other parts of sonar.

Not on the immediate roadmap, but maybe in the future.

Cool. Thanks for the info!

What kinds of integration does sonar do with slack currently??

As far as I know you can get ticket/ email notifications to Slack. What me and Micah worked on was getting slack notifications when a ticket gets an internal comment by using a service like Zapier.

I fellas, I’ve done some extensive slack / sonar integration.
I’m thinking of publishing some info, did you get anywhere with this?

I’d be interested to learn what you’ve done, @Tim_Hon. I do use Zapier for many tasks and notifications in several applications, but I don’t believe I’ve found a solution to integrate with Sonar yet.