Settings for Various Sections


We are setting up our system, and I wanted to see if there are any standard settings that everyone has: for instance, settings for accounts, groups and types; or job types, or ticket categories or ticket types.

I realize they have given us enough options to use them however we want- but Id like to see some samples of how others are using these for their businesses.



Wow. Nothing after 6 days?


Sorry Craig. You are asking a really broad question. I’d bet if you asked 25 different ISPs you’d get 25 different answers. It depends on what you’re doing. If all standards are unique, there isn’t much of a standard. __


@Craig_Duffy Ya, I went through that too, except I was asking more specific questions in that I wanted it to work closely to how our previous platform worked.

I ended up with no groups or types, but could see how a larger WISP would need to use these. As @Brian_Bolton pointed out, this is very configurable to go several ways depending how you want to subdivide your clients. Each of us will likely want/need to do that differently depending on our area and types of clients we service.

As for tickets, I came from a system I had customized to fit my needs, so I made Sonar emulate what we were already doing. Examples:

My Groups:
Billing Support No Yes
Contracts No Yes
Future Lead Yes Yes
Installation and Onsite No Yes
Open No Yes
Overdue No Yes
Sales No Yes
Sonar fixes group No No
Technical Support No Yes
Tim Waiting Yes Yes

And my Categories:
Answered Yes
Investigating Yes
Please Call/Text Yes
Scheduled Yes
Texted UCP Yes
Waiting Yes

Once you figure out how you like to identify tickets such as I did, you’ll want to play with the Custom Templates to show you tickets you have categorized using these groups and categories. For example, I made ones to show me Scheduled (which I really look at to close after they happened mostly and to make sure we did it), Investigating (which I put on ones I need to do something, but can’t right now), and Sales new (which I look at to either close out sales I didn’t close or to followup on ones that need an extra nudge).

I am still using my google calendar manually to schedule as I have not figured out the Sonar job scheduling which is supposed to be able to integrate with google. So when I move a Sonar ticket to Scheduled, I immediately go to our calendar, search for the last calendar we did for a client sometimes years ago, duplicate it so it already has their address and contact info and notes from last onsite (or create a new calendar if new or there isn’t one), and then I copy/paste over what to do that I wrote in the Sonar ticket.

I was able to figure most of the above out myself, but did call a couple of times into support, and they were super helpful as long as I could describe what I wanted to happen. Only a couple of times have I had to change what I wanted to fit Sonar, usually you can change Sonar to fit what you want to do!