Search for Mobile Numbers


Can the API find user profiles by searching the mobile number of a contact?

I would like to be able to identify a contact and the account(s) they’re attached to. So just like the way the call works for the customer portal, only with mobile numbers instead of emails.



There’s a /search endpoint you can use that will work.


I’ve been tinkering with that, but I can’t seem to find a body config that returns what I want.

Would you mind suggesting what that would look like?



The easiest way would be to just use the top level general search option. Look at the example in the API docs for a simple search.


I did, I figured out just now that I was being stupid yesterday with a trailing ‘/’.


Example I used and it works great:   

	"size": 100,
	"page": 1,
	"search": {
		"search": "9706234195"

Thanks Simon. You’re willingness to be helpful even in moments of pure brain farts is the main reason we’ll continue to support sonar and your efforts in it.

Thanks again.



Actually, if I can ask one more question:

Is there anyway to limit this search to match mobile numbers ONLY. So someone couldn’t type in a business number and return a bunch of data?

I think this can be done with Feilds? But with mobile being nested the way it is, I can’t figure out how to format it.



No, not with nested data like that. But you can do a second query with the data returned to make sure that it is a mobile number.


This is one of the things cleanly fixed in v2, as an aside.