Scheduling - choice to email customer confirmation or not

It would be great if we could have an option when scheduling in a customer job to notify the customer or not. We often do some site surveys where we only need to drive past the house to check LOS etc, but to complete the job we have to schedule it and then the customer gets confused why we scheduled back in time or panic that they have missed us. An tick option to email confirmation of scheduled job or not would be great.

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Agree we were just dealing with this again last week. Would be nice to have a toggle or the same kind of option as the ticket comments. Internal external.

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We currently handle this with different job types.
Installation and Service Order type has a triggered email to confirm the date/time with the customer.
A LOS Check job type does not have any triggered emails and is only for our install teams to check LOS while they’re in the area.
What type gets triggered can be adjusted in Accounts > Communications > Triggered Emails.

Agreed. We use Flex job types where there is no notification to the Cx.

That sounds like a good plan! I will create a few more jobs.