Scheduled Mass Emails

The ability to set up a mass email and have it sent at a future point in time.

Ex. We are doing upgrades on our system: Tower 1 on Monday, tower 2 on Tuesday, Tower 3 on Wednesday, etc.
On Friday I could set them up, so the notification would go out to each tower 1 week and then 24 hours before the upgrade is occurring.



Are you wanting emails or SMS messages? We have a web app that I developed for SMS notifications for (outages, informational, maintenance). Its not setup to do it in the future but it wouldn’t be to difficult to setup for future date/times. Its based on groups, so you can group customers per geographical area, or other means.

Emails wouldn’t be to difficult to setup just like the SMS but emails wouldn’t be sent out via Sonar. I could set it up to do like a call log or a ticket.

For the scheduling part, I really am looking to have it with emails. Right now I have the ability to do it through marketing platforms, but it isn’t tracked through Sonar when I use that. I’ve tied it to a ticket, but its far more of a pain than I would like.